Sunday, November 9, 2008

how time flies

We are almost 1/3 of the way through November, can you believe it?

Barbara, yes the trees are beautiful here, though now mostly dropping their leaves on the ground.

We are blessedly now only 5 weeks from the end of the semester, amazing!

Ed and I are now also actively looking at houses to buy which is exciting. In the "finding balance" theme, I am trying to decide whether to teach a 4th class - which makes buying that house so much more comfortable, or maybe actually having more sanity in the Spring. It's such a hard decision.

I have so many cat pics I could post. Going with the peaceful one, and a video of kitten vs toy also.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

October update

It's October and the weather is crisp, and the school year is trucking on. I'm teaching four classes and practicing at the clinic half time. It's quite busy since one of my coworkers (Pediatrician) is away, so we're seeing her patients. A student and I are also trying to start a research study. My poor husband is stuck with a lot of the housework. Luckily, not only does he not mind, but we agreed on this back in August, so I can earn some extra $$ to get us into a house soon.
Thank goodness for kind people! That's all for today
happy Samhain/Halloween to all and Happy Birthday to sisters and great nieces in law!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

More kitten adventures

What, you ask, was I doing on my way to work? Well I pulled out the drawer where I keep the stockings, and guess who was in there? How did he get into a closed drawer? I have no idea. Lucky I DID open the drawer to get stockings out or he would have been in there for a llooonnngg time.

Monday, August 4, 2008

It's August already!

Hi everyone,
Time is flying by, amazing isn't it?
My Grandmother's 100th birthday would have been last Friday if she has lived that long, but I'm sure she is happier where she is, still miss her though.
The kittens are *not* behaving, but I do not expect them too at this age. Well Tigre is fine, Petyr is being a kitten. I have to get my laptop repaired because he fell off of it and took two keys with him. Poor Ed was determined to fix it but, alas, it was not to be.
At the moment Petyr is going nuts over a toy mouse. Amazing how real a toy mouse looks when the kitten is running around the house with it in it's mouth. Always good for a double take.
He had major kitten jealousy this am, that Tigre could get affection ALSO. He wanted both adults to himself.
On the positive side, I cleaned out a closet this weekend. It's been on my 'To Do list' for ages. Poor Osa left a good chunk of her hair behind. And I gave away the rollerblades I haven't used for 10 years. Just not enough room to keep things like that!
*Dreams of a house* which I will NOT clutter up.
For anyone who decides to be a professional first, then get married........ Or use your middle name for your first name, and then get married........................ If you think the work ends with the wedding, hah!!!
---- Signing off

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Finding Balance

Ok, so here goes the finding balance question of the season. I have three goals in mind, one to balance teaching, research and clinical practice, one is to get ready to go back to school in Sep 2009, and one is to not be too crazy, so I can enjoy my husband and our new life together.
So with that in mind, I cut back at the clinic one session (translate to ~ 5 hours of work) and am picking up some at the college. The second year of teaching is supposed to be much easier, so I am picking up one seminar class and one lab. I begged to go down on my clinic hours more, but my boss wasn't thrilled with the idea, she wants me to keep my administrative responsibilities.
So add to that doing research with a student, taking a math class, and - my husband wants to take a non credit Spanish class together.
On paper, it doesn't look bad. Class on Monday and Wednesday followed by Clinic until 9pm. Monday I get some Simmons time somewhere in between, or better yet, do math homework. Tuesday 2 hr lab, rest of the day work on Simmons stuff, to class with Ed (Spanish) from 6-9pm. Thursday is class 9a to 9p with a few breaks in between. Friday is easy - 8a-5p clinic.
Weekends 'free'. No choir because that conflicts with class. Of course, I might spend the entire weekend asleep. Or doing homework. I may sing in Ed's church.

no photos today, i almost got one of Petyr being cuddly after he walked all over the keyboard, he goes cross-eyed when I scratch him behind the ear. but he woke up and decided to eat the camera, so that didn't work.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wedding photos

I'm going to post just the one picture, unless popular opinion wants more here. Of course you can email me for the link for all 470 pictures (hee hee)!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Training for Parenthood

My parents say that they "practiced parenting" a lovely dog (her name was Laila), since they thought having two social workers for parents would be hard on the kids. Story goes, we all turned out fine, dog was a mess.

So the kittens are CLEARLY making us practice for (God willing) parenthood. They do not listen to "no" on the first or second time. Though, they do obey the water squirter. And, what IS the fascination with the dishwasher and with the refrigerator????

Ok, now I really must go to work. I've been feeling too cruddy to go all am, and now I really must go. Besides, we need to do all kinds of name change craziness.